Real Estate

Real EstateOur real estate department seeks to provide a thorough legal support to our clients whether it is by rendering legal opinions, drafting due diligence reports, representing in courts or drafting the support documentation for transfer or development of real estate targets.

Our professionals possess valuable industry experience and understand not only the legal but also the commercial implications and, hence, can provide reliable legal advice in relation to the optimal structuring of any transaction in this sector.

The legal services we provide in the real estate area consist mainly of:

  • Real estate legal survey and drafting the relevant due diligence reports in a concise, structured manner for the convenience of our clients, with the aim to highlight the material impediments that might jeopardize the execution of the transaction and as well that of identifying, as per the case, the precedent conditions to be fulfilled by the vendor, lessor, superficior before the signing and surveying their completion;
  • Drafting memorandums of understanding, pre-agreements of real estate sale purchase agreements, transfer agreements, mortgage agreements; negotiation of the agreements with the vendor/lessor; drafting the execution version of the subject agreements and coordination with the public notary and translator, as per the case, and, eventually, legal assistance at the public notary while signing the relevant agreements.

Please also see the Banking & Finance chapter, detailing the services we can provide to our clients during their collaboration with banks and investment funds.