Construction & Engineering

Construction EngineeringOur knowledge in advising on all matters related to engineering, procurement and construction projects recommend us in providing legal assistance, from the preparation of the bid documents to financing arrangements in relation with joint ventures, partnerships, concession contracts, entrepreneurship contracts, sub-entrepreneurship contracts, technical services contracts, facilities agreements, project management contracts and related services supply agreements.

We are familiar with the forms of international constructions contracts as F.I.D.I.C. and we have also developed alternative types of construction contracts. In the construction industry, our lawyers have represented various clients such as private investors, both foreign and domestic, and state-owned entities, such as: owners/beneficiaries, developers, design professionals, government agencies, public institutions, construction engineers, general contractors, and sub-contractors.

Our firm offers legal services to clients at every step of the design and construction process starting with the preparation of contracts, negotiation of the contractual provisions, through the design and construction phases and, if there is the case, up to the dispute resolution.

Our lawyers have been involved in the construction stage of numerous projects ranging from different types of buildings and industrial facilities to big projects in the following industries: waste water treatment, sewage, transport infrastructure, traditional power plants and wind farms.

Understanding the risks and issues associated with any infrastructure project is our lawyers' skill for helping clients achieve their goals in successful implementation of such projects.