Energy & Natural Resources

Natural Resource

Our professionals' experience in the Romanian energy field started long before the emergence of private investors' interest in this sector, initial period within which our lawyers advised state owned companies and pioneer private suppliers of electricity and gas.

Within the last couple of years we experienced with delight the expansion of the Romanian energy sector, which allowed our passionate lawyers to cement their awareness by dynamically offering legal support in this sector.  

Our expertise in the business area of energy covers matters related to:

° development of green field wind farms herein included: the securitization of the needed land, negotiation with banks of the credit facility agreements, offering legal support during the procedure of acquiring building permits and the generation licences, negotiation of the pre-agreements of sale-purchase of power, etc;

° while offering the required legal support we always bear in mind project finance principles and the necessity for energy projects to be bankable; furthermore, we acknowledge the importance of EU non-refundable funds or national funds for developing the renewable energy sector and this is why we pay high attention to the latest information about the implementation of the Structural Operational Programme Increase of Economic Competitiveness (“SOP IEC”) and Environment Fund;

° we offer complete legal support for our clients during the permitting procedure for new suppliers, distributors or producers of electricity and gas before the National Authority Regulating the Energy Field (ANRE);

° drafting and negotiating the sale-purchase of power agreements, including also EFET contracts, and drafting and negotiating sale-purchase of emission allowances and green certificates agreements.

Almaj & Albu's awareness of the evolving energy industry positions us to guide our clients' development of commercial and regulatory strategies that address the emerging demands, risks, and complexities of competition.