Dispute resolution, Reorganization & Insolvency

Dispute ResolutionOur litigations team is highly collaborative and sensitive to the needs of the particular matter; hence, starting with simple debt recovery claims or employment litigation up to complex multidisciplinary litigation, we provide the full package of legal services regarding the representation of the clients' rights and interests in front of courts of law, arbitration courts, National Council for Solving the Contestations, National Authority Regulating the Energy Fields, e.g. drafting claims, complaints, counterclaims, proposal of proofs, raising procedural exceptions and fulfilling any necessary and adequate procedural deeds, ample pleadings and report on the pending status of the said court files.

Our professionals render a complete range of corporate, bankruptcy and litigation services to clients in insolvency procedure.

The cases we are involved in cover the following areas:

  • commercial contractual disputes;
  • public procurement;
  • employment litigation;
  • environmental regulation, litigation & counselling;
  • debt recovery;
  • intelectual property.

In addition to advice on formal bankruptcy proceedings, Almaj & Albu has well known capabilities in consensual corporate restructurings and negotiations. We have acted successfully for creditors and debtors alike. Our attorneys have successfully provided legal support on numerous international corporate restructuring.